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Aug 22, 2023

The Best Grill Sets and BBQ Tools to Buy in 2023

Country Living editors select each product featured. If you buy from a link, we may earn a commission. Why Trust Us? Because the best place to be this summer is by the grill. When the days get longer

Country Living editors select each product featured. If you buy from a link, we may earn a commission. Why Trust Us?

Because the best place to be this summer is by the grill.

When the days get longer and the weather heats up, so do the grills. While you can grill burgers and pork chops all year long, summer is the season when backyard BBQ pros and cookout kings shine. If you're new to the game or just looking to upgrade some tools, it's important to know what you're getting yourself into. Plus, they make great last-minute Father's Day gifts!

You may be asking, "Do I need a whole set?" Here's the thing: You can save a decent chunk of change when buying a set since a lot of grill tools can be pretty pricey. A kit or set can ensure the best bang for your buck. When it comes down to these kits, do you prefer every tool in the book, or think less is more? Is silicone safe? What brand has the best equipment? Ultimately, a lot of these are based on personal preference. Luckily, we have scoured the internet and talked with an expert to narrow things down.

Brad Wise, Executive Chef and Owner ofRare Society Steakhouse, is known for his wood-fire grilling. He's made a career out of his cooking and grilling which means we're more than happy to take his advice into our next grill night.

We asked him a few questions when it comes to his biggest Do's and Don't's at the grill.

"First thing: invest in a good pair of tongs. Get ones that can actually grab the food you’re cooking and can handle the heat of the grill. I use the silicone tongs from Big Green Egg because they can handle big meats and heavier grilling items and they work with more delicate ingredients like vegetables. Get a grill brush and use it frequently. You don’t want to let buildup collect on your grates - that is going to cause flare ups and potentially lead to a dangerous situation."

"Next, I use a vertical, 3-bristle brush - like this one. The key to a great grill brush is getting one that brushes with the grates - for example, your grates run vertical you want to make sure your brush is structured to run vertical along those grates. This ensures you’re not only getting the best clean, but it also means you aren’t ruining your grates by cross-cleaning against them (i.e., horizontally against vertically-run grates). Also, the longer the brush the better. Make sure the handle is long enough that you don’t have to stoop over your grill to clean it."

"Stainless steel is extremely durable - it’s going to be the best bet when shopping for grilling tools. High temp silicone is also a great option, like the tongs I like to use. Don’t use wood. First, there’s a fire danger there, and second, as the wood wears it can separate from the steel portion of the tools. Plastic is going to melt, so stay away from that when grilling."

"Kitchen utensils aren’t meant to be outside all the time, and therefore, you need tools that can withstand no only the elements but the direct flame of a grill as well. "

"While these are tools that will live outside, you want to do your best to protect them. I try to keep my tools from being fully exposed to the elements by storing them in a Tupperware container that lives next to my grill."

Some qualities we looked for were strength, heatproof, length and more. The better the tools, the tastier your meal. From meat thermometers to seared edge spatulas, these kits have everything you need to complete your collection.

This kit from Cuisinart is a favorite among grill gods and new kids on the block. Made from stainless steel, it includes all the basic essentials a griller needs for a good meal. Users find the tools are high quality ones that can set you up for the long haul.

Oxo is known to be a great brand among grill masters. This set is perfect for the ones getting creative at their backyard BBQ. We love that it includes a basting pot and brush, plus a resting plate for your messy tools.

We love how easy this kit makes everything! With 26 pieces, it's the perfect starter kit to get your new hobby going without breaking the bank. Each tool is made from stainless steel, meets the standard length, is slip-resistant, and has hanging loops to make it easy to store.

This is another set that is small but mighty. These tools stand the test of time and are made from sturdy steel. Plus, the BBQ spatula has a serrated edge that users love.

If you're a serious griller, these tools from Weber are no joke. Customers love how strong and sturdy each one is with the perfect amount of length for the best precision when cooking. The stainless steel holds up for every day use while the rubber grips make them a little easier to manage.

This is one of the most popular sets from Williams Sonoma. Grillers love the extra long handles, which keep them from getting too close and too hot when grilling on summer days.

With its reasonable price and array of tools, this set is well loved on Amazon. It's a good starter set for someone who is learning the basics.

If you want to make your set extra special, personalize it! This 4-piece set includes the basic necessities and includes a custom personalization on the wooden handles.

Chef Wise recommends these tongs and that's about the only convincing we need.

"They can handle big meats and heavier grilling items and they work with more delicate ingredients like vegetables."

These grill wipes are gaining popularity if you're looking to ditch the metal brush.

"I really like the Swiffer-style Q-Swiper grill wipes. They get a lot of stuff off the grill and I'm kind of terrified about metal brushes — having heard that they can shed leaving little shards that can end up in your food."

— Christopher Michel, Senior Food and Gardens Editor

A dedicated griller or smoker knows sometimes a tasty meal means workin on your food while it's dark out. These lights have strong magnets in the bottom that stick to almost any grill, smoker or metal surface. The lights are bright enough to see what you're doing without turning on every light on around you.

Make your life easier and have the grill set up of your dreams with this portable grill table.

"One always-forgotten thing that isn't really a tool, but is massively helpful, is a portable table for holding stuff. Before that, I'd be standing in front of my weber juggling tongs and two plates, trying to get raw meat off of one and cooked meat onto the other."

— Christopher Michel, Senior Food and Gardens Editor

Throughout our research, so many chefs, both professional and self proclaimed, said a grill basket changed the game. It makes cooking certain dishes a breeze with an easier clean-up. This set also comes with a basting brush and five skewers.

If you're shredding meat fresh from the grill or for a recipe, meet your new best friend. Melt proof and dishwasher safe, these claws can cut through any meat with less mess and in less time.

Anna Mahan is the Associate Commerce Editor for Country Living. She finds and shares a variety of the best lifestyle products, from fashion and beauty to cast iron skillets.

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Whether a novice or a pro, what are the most vital tools every griller should have in their tool kit?What's the biggest difference in materials? Why are these tools necessary instead of using regular kitchen utensils?"Does it matter how you store your tools?"