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Oct 03, 2023

Know before you dine out

Food service inspection reports The Victoria County Public Health Department Environmental Health Division inspects places where food is served in Victoria, DeWitt, Jackson and Calhoun counties. In

Food service inspection reports

The Victoria County Public Health Department Environmental Health Division inspects places where food is served in Victoria, DeWitt, Jackson and Calhoun counties.

In the inspection reports, each violation in the Priority items 1-20 is 3 demerits; Priority Foundation items 21-33 are 2 demerits; and Core items are 1 demerit. Zero is a perfect score, while 100 demerits is the worst possible score.

Each Wednesday, the Advocate publishes inspection results from the previous week. All demerits are reported, but only those Priority and Core items are detailed.


Cracker Barrel No.6, 3801 N. Halsey St., Victoria. Demerits: 20. Food product expired. 0 ppm. Need health handbook. Need certified food manager, need bodily fluid kit. Deli products need use-by date. Need test strips. Need easily cleanable equipment. Store food tongs in a sanitized container. Need hand wash signage at employees restroom. Post last inspection.

Ezee Store No.2, 5801 John Stockbauer Drive, Victoria. Demerits: 17. 0 ppm. Need hygiene handbook. Need a certified food manager. Date label deli products. Need test strips. Do not store products in hand wash sink. No cardboard to store food. Store pickle tongs in a sanitized container.

Kikko Ramen & Poke, 7905 N. Navarro St. Suite 200, Victoria. Demerits: 15. Table top is not reaching proper temperature. Cover foods in walk-in cooler. Hands must be washed when entering food prep areas. Date label items in walk-in cooler. Hands sink must be properly supplied with soap. Items in walk-in cooler need to be 6 inches off the ground. Bulk items need to be labeled.

Circle R Drive-In, 8945 Farm-to-Market Road 1593, Lolita. Demerits: 12. Cooler display at 49 degrees, table top 48 degrees. Certified food manager not on duty. Need thermometer at walk-in cooler. Replace ice machine door, clean ice machine. Store all wet towels in sanitizer bucket. Do not store equipment on towels. Replace missing tiles in restroom.

Hunan Garden, 2119 N. Esplanade, Cuero. Demerits: 10. Cover fish in freezer. Label with date for freezer prepped food. Date food prepped in refrigeration. No cardboard on the floor. Clean vent hood.

Casa Jalisco, 1706 N. Laurent St., Victoria. Demerits: 10. Cool food properly. Keep records of cooling food. Date food prep. Store items 6 inches off the floor. Use utensils with handle for food; keep ice scoop handle up.

Taco Express, 2808 A. S. Laurent St., Victoria. Demerits: 10. Document time and temperatures for cooling. Have the records of temperature documentation. Date prepped items. Clean walls behind the table top. Seal back door in the kitchen.

Dominos No. 8800, 3803 Houston Highway, Victoria. Demerits: 8. Need certified food manager on duty for all shifts. Need food handler certificates on file for all employees. Hand sink for hand washing only. Need hair net with visor. Defrost under cold running water or in cooler.

China Wok, 302 W. Main St., Edna. Demerits: 7. Storing food in an unapproved container. Wash hands at hand wash sink only. Do not use cardboard to store food.

Nacho's Mexican Restaurant, 3810 N. Navarro St., Victoria. Demerits: 7. Table top not holding 41 degrees. Need food handler certificates. Do not store boxes on walk-in floor. Clean fan in kitchen.

Cobra Corner Store, 5895 Farm-to-Market Road 616, Vanderbilt. Demerits: 6. Certified food manager license expired, no certified food manager on duty. Need thermometer's in coolers. No hairnet/ ball cap. Post last inspection.

El Zacatecas, 521 S. Esplanade, Cuero. Demerits: 5. Clean the vent hood. Do not place anything in hand wash sink - hand washing only. Date food items in refrigeration.

Little Saints Preschool, 111 E. Alexander St., Cuero. Demerits: 4. Renew certified food manager license; Needs a current food permit.

Huvar's Artisan Market & Catering, 110 W. Juan Linn St., Victoria. Demerits: 4. No certified food manager on duty. Clean ice machine.

JR'S Shell, 3702 N. Laurent St., Victoria. Demerits: 4. Certified food manager permit expired. need hand wash sink at ice bagging area.

Maya Mexican Restaurant, 1909 N. Esplanade, Cuero. Demerits: 3. Needs certified food manager at all hours of operation. No items shall be stored on floor in walk-in cooler.

Subway of Cuero, 2104 N. Esplanade, Cuero. Demerits: 3. Wear hair restraints. Back hand sink was off (corrected on site).

Mi Ranchito Restaurant, 1602 N. Ben Wilson St., Victoria. Demerits: 3. Leak at 3-compartment sink.

Noot's Thai Kitchen, 6360 N. Navarro St., Victoria. Demerits: 3. Date food prepped in coolers. Thaw under refrigeration or under cold running water.

South Brooke Manor, 1401 W. Main St., Edna. Demerits: 2. Certified food manager not on duty.

Jack in the Box, 4780 5229 N. Navarro St., Victoria. Demerits: 2. Food permit expired.

Tropical Smoothie Café, 3202 N. Navarro Ste.100, Victoria. Demerits: 2. Thaw under refrigeration or running water. Label bulk container.

Whispering Oaks Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, 105 Hospital Drive, Cuero; H-E-B No. 351, 301 N. Wells St., Edna; KW's Dairy Mart, 218 S. Third St., Ganado; Calhoun County ISD Concession Stand, 705 N. Nueces St., Port Lavaca; Dairy Queen, 1205 N. Virginia St., Port Lavaca; Wal-Mart Super Center Store No.1098, 400 Tiney Browning Blvd., Port Lavaca; Ace Hardware Victoria, 5201 N. Navarro St.; AlphaLab Nutrition Northside, 8607 N. Navarro St., Suite C; Victoria; Children's Discovery Museum, 1205 Sam Houston Drive, Victoria; Country Express Family Restaurant, 6064 S.W. Moody St., Victoria; First Christian Church, 2105 N. Ben Jordan St., Victoria; Holiday Inn Express, 111 Huvar St., Victoria; Mumphord's Place Barbeque, 1202 E. Juan Linn St., Victoria; Sonic - Navarro Inc. Store No. 3322, 8707 N. Navarro St., Victoria; Sonic Drive-In No. 4798, 3603 John Stockbauer Drive, Victoria; Trinity Advanced Learning Center, 2005 Lawndale St., Victoria; Corner Stop, 1011 N. U.S. 77-A; Yoakum; H-E-B Food Store No. 355, 201 W. Gonzales St., Yoakum; Jo's Daiquiri & Beverage Barn, 1005 U.S.77-A N., Yoakum; The Learning Tree, 124 E. Gonzales St., Yoakum; Demerits: 0.


Church's Fried Chicken, 1203 N. Esplanade, Cuero. Inspected July 18 with 14 demerits. Re-inspected July 28, continue to work on violations. Inspected again Aug. 7, hand sink violation corrected, continue to work on all other violations.

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FOOD SERVICE INSPECTIONS FOR WEEK ENDING Aug. 9.Cracker Barrel No.6,Ezee Store No.2,Kikko Ramen & Poke,Circle R Drive-In,Hunan Garden,Casa Jalisco,Taco Express,Dominos No. 8800,China Wok,Nacho's Mexican Restaurant,Cobra Corner Store,El Zacatecas,Little Saints Preschool,Huvar's Artisan Market & Catering,JR'S Shell,Maya Mexican Restaurant,Subway of Cuero,Mi Ranchito Restaurant,Noot's Thai Kitchen,South Brooke Manor,Jack in the Box,Tropical Smoothie Café,Whispering Oaks Nursing & Rehabilitation Center,H-E-B No. 351,KW's Dairy Mart,Calhoun County ISD Concession Stand,Dairy Queen,Wal-Mart Super Center Store No.1098,Ace Hardware Victoria,AlphaLab Nutrition Northside,Children's Discovery Museum,Country Express Family Restaurant,First Christian Church,Holiday Inn Express,Mumphord's Place Barbeque,Sonic - Navarro Inc.Store No. 3322,Sonic Drive-In No. 4798,Trinity Advanced Learning Center,Corner Stop, H-E-B Food Store No. 355,Jo's Daiquiri & Beverage Barn,The Learning Tree,Re-inspectionsChurch's Fried ChickenYou voted:Denise WattsView moreDora Rendon View morebenny hernandezView moreSusan RileyView moreLeland SchroeterView more